No need in surface grinding
3 in 1: EMAT + PET + Thickness gauge of coating
Operation with a gap up to 6 mm
No contact fluid when used
EMA Thickness Gauge
ETG6040: precise thickness measurements in real life

EMA thickness gauge ETG6040 does not require surface grinding and operates without use of contact fluid. It support EMAT connection with an operating gap up to 6 mm which allows thickness gauging of surfaces covered with dirt, rust, paint, varnish, or any other non-conductive coating.
The device is used for thickness measurements of rolled sheets, pipes, rods and other products made of steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, titanium and other metals. With a special sensor, it can work with objects heated up to 750°C. It measures the thickness of coatings on magnetic and non-magnetic metals.
3 in 1: EMAT + PET + Thickness gauge of coating
No need in surface grinding
No need in contact fluid when used
Operation with a gap up to 6 mm

ETG6040 has two independent measuring channels: EMAT and PET. The PET channel is recommended to be used if surface grinding is required for measurements, for example, when the thickness of deposits on the metal surface does not allow the use of EMAT.
The electromagnetic-acoustic thickness gauge ETG6040 correctly measures thickness in automatic mode in case of external interference, metal anisotropy, several reflectors, and other interfering factors. For heavily corroded objects, it is possible to apply manual measurement modes using one echo signal or the difference between two selected echo signals.

ETG6040 has extensive interface capabilities:
various data display options: A scan, 3 types of B scan, C scan;
export of inspection results in tabular form
selection of thickness measurement modes and signal processing parameters; fine-tuning the strobes in manual mode
Transducer ETG40002
Transducer to work with clearances of up to 4 mm
Transducer ETG40003
Transducer to work with clearances of up to 6 mm
EMA Plus battery charger4000
Battery charger for the ETG6040 thickness gauge
EMA transducer connection cable
Piezoelectric transducer connection cable
Transducer ETG4000Term
Transducer to work with objects heated up to 750 °C
Protective case ETG4000
PET 5 MHz, 10 mm
PET 5 MHz, 7.2 mm
PET 10 MHz, 5 mm